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NINNAU & Y Drych is brought to you by a dedicated group of individuals who serve the North American Welsh community by sharing their time and expertise through NINNAU & Y Drych. We are grateful to all for their efforts. All staff, columnists and contributors may be contacted through our main office unless otherwise noted:
Ninnau Publications, Inc.
PO Box 712
Trumansburg, NY 14886

voice: 607-279-6499

Emailing us

Due to the amount of junk email and spam flooding our email box, we have been forced to use a filtering program. To ensure that your email is accepted, please include a short, meaningful phrase in your "subject" line. For example:
      Subject: Lakeside Welsh Society Gymanfa in Lakeside, NY

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Dr. Megan Williams

Dr. Arturo Roberts
Founder and Editor Emeritus

Olga Williams
Subscription Manager

Arthur I. Roberts
Systems Manager

Mair Bonnin
Website Manager

Jane Pryddarch (1922-2003)
Founding Editor

Bob Roser
Historian and Book Editor

Martha Davies
Y Drych Historian

Advertising Inquiries:
voice: 607-279-6499
email: email:

Columnists & Department Heads

David Barry
Sportscene Wales

Kate Carrigan

Martin Clark
In the Valley

Elizabeth DeCrane
News of the Welsh Home

Mona Everett
Welsh Round Up

Lyn Gardiner (1922-2003)
Welsh Memories

William F. Griffiths
Historical Vignettes

Wendy Hughes
Welsh Legends & Traditions

Lise Hull
Wales Review

Ann Jones
Dewch I Siarad [Welsh lesson]

Edward Morus Jones
Notes from Wales

Prof. Hywel Wyn Jones
Place-names in Wales

Robert Jones
Wales Photographs

Tom Jones
Birds of Wales

Prof. Dylan Jones-Evans

Joan Owen Mandry
Welsh Hymnwriters & Poets' Corner


Janet Watkins Masoner
Feature Columnist

Louis Miller
Finding Wales in America

Dave Parry

Edward W. Reid
Caneuon Cymraeg Heddyw

Meira'r Tawelfor
Croesair [crossword]

Dafydd Wigley
Wales Today

Cathrin Lloyd Williams
Gair o Gymru
Gair o'r Wladfa

Darris Williams

William G. Williams
Smile, You're Welsh
Welsh in the American Civil War

Jeremy Wood
News from the Andes


Book Reviews

Bob Roser
Book Editor
Publishers: See Submit a Book for Review

Book reviewers:
Marjorie Donchey
Hal Gale
John Good
Lise Hull
Bill Reese
Bob Roser
Cindy Roser


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